At Triskuel, we work alongside organizations who are driven to understand their role in today's complex landscape, to adapt and grow in order to expand their social impact.

Backed by hands-on experience of implementing people-centered processes, we stand beside organizations to challenge traditional programming and lead broad-scale systemic change.

Our work enables deep understanding through deconstruction of root causes and change mechanisms, facilitates experimentation and adaptation, and drives community-led innovation. 

Our Expertise

Evaluation and Learning

Tailored evaluation for learning and adaptation in complex environments

Research and Ideas

Research and analysis for evidence-based policy and practice

Community Insights

Supporting organisations to better understand the needs of their communities

Our Approach

Power and autonomy

We support interventions that build autonomy and empower people and communities to drive their own processes of change, rather than “help” them.


We support rights-based approaches in which all people – adult or children, empowered or vulnerable – are regarded as active participants with an essential voice and role for their own development. Our work aism to bring their voices forward.

Human centered

We conduct participatory and human-centered processes. Organisations are not just structures we can attempt to change, but they are made of people. All our processes put the people we work with and for at the center.

Learning from mistakes

Mistakes, like challenges overcome, are opportunities for learning. The processes we develop value learning from mistakes as much as from good practice.

Our most recent projects

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