Who we are

We are a women-led consultancy working with mission-driven organisations from civil society, funders, public and private spheres. We design and deliver processes to accompany them in understanding their role in today’s complex landscape, adapting and growing in order to expand their social impact. 

We want our work to lead to broad-scale systemic change by addressing power imbalances, challenging traditional programming, and championing the shifting of power to those historically marginalized from decision-making processes.

We came together in 2018, and since then we have been privileged to lead more than 20 consultancy projects involving 92 different organisations across 43 countries.

Our team is currently based in multiple locations across Europe. While we don’t use a physical office anywhere, our origins and company registration are in Romania. 

Our Mission

We gather evidence and provide insights to civil society organisations, policy-makers and companies to achieve greater social impact. 


Our research, evaluation, strategy design and community insights processes help organisations make informed decisions to improve lives.  


Our experts bring fresh perspectives to the challenges faced by organisations who want to implement transformative projects for social change.

Meet the Team

Our greatest pride is the team of amazing consultants we get to work with in our projects, each contributing skills and expertise across diverse sectors and geographies.

We deliver high quality in our projects while working flexibly and looking after the wellbeing of ourselves and our families. Each of us can choose which projects, when and how much to be involved in, and everyone is fairly compensated.

Irina Pop

Founder and Consultant

Ioana Popa


Flavia Preda


Anemarie Gasser


Alexandra Ioan


Paula Boarță


Louis Ulrich


Ionuț Codreanu


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