Evaluation & Learning

Evaluation of ClowNexus project – Red Noses International

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Our team is performing the endline evaluation of the Creative Europe project ClowNexus – Clowning Connects Us, and for the next few months we will be uncovering the learning journey and impacts of healthcare clowning organisations in 7 European countries.

Critical Friend Evaluation of the 3rd Trio European Presidency Project

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Ongoing formative evaluation with a focus on learning using the Critical Friend methodology for the 3rd consecutive European Presidency Project funded by the European Commission and implemented by Concord Sweden, Coordination Sud France, FORS Czechia) and CONCORD Europe.

ERIM France – Evaluation of innovative media literacy project in Central Asia

The BRYCA Project, implemented by ERIM France (former IREX Europe) and 4 organisations in Central Asia, addressed disinformation of vulnerable youth in Kyrgyzstan, Kahahstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

UNICEF – Good practices and lessons learned from two interventions in Quality Inclusive Education

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We worked with UNICEF Country Office Romania to analyze and document results achieved during the first two years of two interventions implemented by UNICEF and its partners for inclusive education in Bacau county.

Final Evaluation of the European Presidency Project 2021-2022

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After having offered ongoing evaluation for the 2nd Presidency Projects, we also developed a final external evaluation of the project  using the Outcome harvesting approach to showcase the most important achievements of the project.

Evaluation of inclusive education project in low income community for ERIKS

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In 2021, on behalf of ERIKS Development partner, we conducted an evaluation of the activities of a faith-based organisation in Romania who operated an early education programme in a low income community with a majority Roma population. 

Critical Friend Evaluation of the 2nd Trio European Presidency Project

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Ongoing learning evaluation  using the Critical Friend methodology for the 2nd European Presidency Project funded by the European Commission and implemented by VENRO Germany , Plataforma Portuguesa das ONGD, SLOGA and  CONCORD Europe

Testing the relationship between accountability and resilience for CSOs

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We worked with CIVICUS to design and roll out a methodology for testing the central Resilient Roots hypothesis – that civil society organisations which are more accountable to their primary constituents are more resilient to civic space-related threats.

Organisational Impact Assessment for FOND

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In 2018, we were tasked with assessing the impact and relevance of the 10 year activity of FOND, the Romanian NGDO platform. The organisational evaluation was designed using the IOA model and the recommendations were fed into the platform’s next strategic planning process.